Buena Vista International (BVI) will looking to plunder anotherbig weekend as Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest sets course for $500m.

The picture has reigned supreme for five consecutive weekends andwill surely hold on to its crown on the back of a wide Spanish debut on Aug 11.

The picture crossed $400m on Aug 8 and currently ranks 19th on theinternational pantheon on $417m, and 15th on the global list on $801m.

BVI's other major release Cars stands at $131.9m and has no majoropenings lined up this weekend.

The animated feature Monster House opens through Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) in South Korea and Aug 10 and the UK a day later. It hastaken $2.9m from the early stages.

The Adam Sandler comedy Click, which has so far taken $15.2m, goes out in Brazil on Aug11, while Little Man,which has grossed $3.9m, opens in France on Aug 9.

The Da Vinci Code has amassed $530.4m, Silent Hill stands at $42.3m, and RV has taken $13.2m.

Fox International's Garfield 2, which has amassed $37.7m, launches inGermany on Aug 10 on 612 screens and China a day later on 301.

The comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend takes off in Mexico on Aug 11 on 250; ithas grossed $4.9m from the early days of its run.

Latest running totals put The Sentinel on $14.7m, The Hills Have Eyes on $24.1m, and Into The Blue, which opens in France on Aug 9 on 220screens, on $23.2m.

Universal's The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift races out of the starting blocks inBrazil on Aug 10 and Taiwan a day later through UIP. It currently stands at$70.6m.

The Break-Up, which has so far grossed $45.2m, opens in Germany on Aug 10while Curious George, which has stands at $5.5m, goes out in Russia on Aug 10.

Paramount's comedy Nacho Libre launches in Mexico, the home of the luchalibre wrestling culture profiled in the film, and the UK on Aug 11. Mission:Impossible III stands at$252.5m.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) has only one majorrelease this weekend. The Lake House, which has taken $30.9m including Roadshow territories,opens in Russia on Aug 10. Superman Returns has amassed $146.5m, while Poseidon stands at $117.8m.

Latest figures from New Line International put FinalDestination 3 on $57.8m,and Take The Lead on$27.2m.