Impressive holds during the All Saints Day holiday in manyterritories this week means that The Legend Of Zorro stands at more than $41m going into theweekend.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) licensed the majorityof international rights from the picture's co-financier Spyglass Entertainmentand executives expect strong holds in all territories following last weekend's$27m launch.

SPRI will additionally release the adventure sequel in the MiddleEast on Nov 2, Hong Kong on Nov 3 and Colombia on Nov 4.

However it will be face stiff competition from Paramount's Elizabethtown, which gets a major launch through UIPand goes out in France on Nov 2, Australia and Germany on Nov 3, and the UK,Brazil, Italy and Mexico on Nov 4.

Universal's comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin opens in South Korea and Spain on Nov 4through UIP and currently stands at more than $43.4m.

Warner Bros Pictures International is launching its animatedfeature Tim Burton's Corpse Bride in Sweden on Nov 2, Germany and Holland a day later, and SouthKorea on Nov 4.

It has already amassed a highly respectable $24.4m and shouldcontinue to build solidly heading into the holiday season.

Buena Vista International (BVI) opens the animated romp ChickenLittle in its firstmarkets of Mexico, Russia and South Africa on Nov 4, day-and-date with NorthAmerica.

BVI is also launching Flightplan in Italy on Nov 4 and executives will belooking to build on the thriller's $33.4m international cumulative total.

The football saga Goal! kicks off in South Korea on Nov 4 and should do solidbusiness considering the sport's local popularity. To date it has grossed morethan $12.2m.

Fox International opens the treasure seeking adventure Into TheBlue in Spain on Nov 4on 275 and Japan on Nov 5 on 50 screens. It has grossed $12.6m to date.

Marc Forster'smystery Stay gets itsfirst international releases in Australia on Nov 3 on 119 screens and in SouthKorea on Nov 4 on 70.