Paramount's action sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life has been banned from playing in cinemas in China.

Chinese government censors are said to have rejected the film because they felt it inaccurately portrayed the country.

A number of scenes from the Tomb Raider sequel are thought to have upset censors, including one where Lara Croft secretly crosses into China by hang-glider without being picked up by the Chinese military.

Other controversial scenes include Lara Croft seen riding a motorbike along the Great Wall of China, and another featuring an old Chinese woman acting as a spy.

The film was to have been released in China by UIP. Andrew Cripps, president and COO of UIP, told, "We had high hopes for the film in China - we're very disappointed at their decision."

The ban is particularly bad news for UIP because the sequel has played very strongly in Asia in recent weeks including a number one opening in Hong Kong. A significant part of the film was shot in Hong Kong, with around half the story set in Hong Kong or mainland China. The original Tomb Raider took $2m in China.

The ban also illustrates the ongoing difficulties that the international film industry faces as it slowly gains greater access to the booming Chinese market. Numerous other films have run into trouble with Chinese censors, including James Bond picture The World Is Not Enough.