Korean sales executive Bill Hwang has moved to Meridian Pictures Group(MPG) as Director of International Distribution.

Formerly of Tube Entertainment and KangJeKyu Film, Korean-AustralianHwang has relocated to Shanghai to join the newly formed Chineseinvestor/distributor.

MPG is currently in the process of completing output deals for mainlandChina and international distribution from leading directors and productioncompanies in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Hwang says they are in talks to distribute a Johnny To film in mainlandChina this year, possibly followed by an output deal with To's Milky Way Image.

MPG would invest in a slate of Milky Way films for mainland andinternational distribution rights.

MPG is also focusing on Asian co-productions, including those from Koreaand Japan. "Hopefully we can bring in at least four to five Korean films a yearas co-productions," says Hwang, noting how China's quota on foreign films makesit difficult to import the potentially successful product otherwise.

MPG is headed by David Dong, who has a background in textiles. Dongstarted out in the film business as the second largest investor in Tsui Hark's SevenSwords with $3m of the $15m budget.