Christopher Lambert is set to star as a 16th century Spanishdetective in the thriller Day Of Wrath,which Mark Lester's American World Pictures has acquired for worldwidesales.

'I play this sheriff whoinvestigates a series of murders that are going on around the time of theSpanish Inquisition,' Lambert told Screen duringa brief stop at AFM this week.

'People are paralysed with fear because all theseimportant people go missing and somebody is mysteriously cleaning up the scenesof the crime. My character has become disillusioned over the years and as thestory unfolds he reclaims his integrity and reputation.'

Adrian Rudomin will direct the picture, which is set tobegin shooting on Jan 10 and also stars Joss Ackland and Blanca Marsillach,with David Suchet in talks to play an Inquisition official.

Sam Sleiman will produce with Ashley Sidaway and KornelSipos and Lester serves as executive producer with Robert Sidaway, Jose MiguelJuarez, Rudomin and Martin J Bakab.

Lambert is also preparing to shoot fantasy adventure MortalKombat: Devastation, Highlander: The Source,drama The Vatanen's Hareabout a man who enters the woods and is never seen again, and the supernaturalthriller Dreamhouse, which is being packaged by WMA and UTA.