Joan Churchill will receive the International DocumentaryAssociation’s (IDA) award for outstanding documentary cinematography atthe 21st IDA Distinguished Documentary Achievement Awards in Los Angeles on Dec9.

The inaugural award was set up after IDA top brass decided tohighlight the work of cinematographers, which they feel is routinely overlookedby the public.

Over the course of four decades Churchill has notched up a creditsroster that includes Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer, SoldierGirls, Asylum, Bearing Witness, and Home Of The Brave.

'Joan Churchill is anextraordinary visual storyteller who is in the process of creating an importantbody of work,' IDA executive director Sandra Ruch said.

'She is being recognised for her unique achievements as anauthor of compelling images that have told some of the important stories of ourtimes.”

“I love shooting in unstructured environments where you haveno control,” Churchill said. “You learn how to listen and followwhat's happening with a subjective camera that actively participates in thestory, so the audience can experience it as you do, by a process of discovery.

She continued: “I know I may not change the world with myfilms, but you can get people thinking and asking the hard questions.'