Cinecitta Studios in Romeand Los Angeles-based aviation standing sets and prop rental company AirHollywood have teamed up to create what they claim is Europe's largestaviation-themed facility.

Proposed sets that willresult from the partnership and serve expected market needs include an airportterminal concourse, state-of-the-art airplane mock-ups and a business jet.

The move complementsCinecitta's expanding range of permanent sets that includes Ancient Rome, NewYork streets, a Tuscan village and a submarine.

For Air Hollywood the dealenables it to expand its interest in film production, having already served theshoots of Kill Bill, IntolerableCruelty and Daredevil through its four California sound stages.

"This is a very exciting newventure for the studios," Carole Andre-Smith, director of internationalmarketing for Cinecitta Studios, said in a statement.

"With the increase inairport and aviation security worldwide, it is almost impossible forfilm-makers to use real airports or planes on location.

"With Air Hollywood'sexpertise, we are going to be providing a filming facility with far moreflexibility but all the appearances of the real thing."