Cinema Libre Studio willhandle worldwide rights on veteran director-producer Robert Greenwald's highlytopical documentary Uncovered: The War In Iraq.

Greenwald, whose creditsinclude Unprecedented and StealThis Movie, partnered withMoveOn.Org and the Centre for American Progress to produce the picture, whichis due to get its world premiere at Cannes.

Uncovered: The War InIraq is set for US release duringthe Republican National Convention in New York and investigates the BushAdministration's controversial case for war.

"When Cinema Libre Studioapproached me to take this film theatrically worldwide, I knew I had foundanother like-minded partner," Greenwald said in a statement.

"They bring a Europeanperspective to the project and have innovative ideas about how to exhibit thefilm to international audiences based on over 20 years of experience inproduction, exhibition and distribution."