Cinema Libre Studio is partnering up with individuals, non-profitfoundations and non-governmental organisations to make two to five featureseach year dedicated to humanitarian, environmental or social issues.

The studio will bring its staff, production equipment,post-production facility and financing to select projects in 2007 and willguarantee a US theatrical release to the projects.

The company's first film in partnership with the international aidorganisation Action Against Hunger was Cinema Libre founder Philippe Diaz'Sierra Leone documentary The Empire In Africa, which has played in several festivalsthis year.

Cinema Libre's follow-up, Progress Vs Poverty, stems from a partnership with theRobert Shalkenbach Foundation in New York and is also being directed by Diaz.The film will investigate how poverty can still exist in today's world and isscheduled for worldwide release in summer 2007.

Also in the pipeline are The Debt, an in-depth study of Third World debt,as well as a film about the crisis in Darfur.

Cinema Libre's previous releases include Robert Greenwald's Uncovered:The War On Iraq and Outfoxed.

'As activists and filmmakers, we know that cinema is apowerful tool to educate about or report on a humanitarian crisis,' Diazsaid.

'Although many foundations and NGO's may want to use cinema,they lack the expertise to create a quality film, and more importantly, lackthe means for a wide commercial distribution therefore, limiting its chance ofreaching and educating a wide audience.'