Production and distribution outfit Cinema Libre Studio is in the process of expanding its domestic distribution operation with three new labels under the Cinema Libre Distribution division.The entertainment entity will seek to acquire new films for Liberation Pictures, The Film Cafe and Doc Workers labels during Get IN!, an event it is hosting at Sundance tonight (19).Cutting-edge titles for theatrical, video and television will be release through Liberation Pictures, classic foreign titles such as the Bridget Bardot comedy A Ravishing Idiot will go out on The Film Cafe banner and documentaries will be the province of Doc Workers.Already lined up under The Film Cafe banner are a re-release of Pier Paolo Pasolini's Medea, starring Maria Callas, and the JapaneseSensation Harmful Insect.Liberation Pictures will release Stephen Brooks' Heads 'N Tailz, as well as Erik Moe and Peter Rudy's high school hockey comedy No Sleep 'Til Madison