The company said all of its existing Sony Digital Cinema 4K customers would be able to experience “unsurpassed 3D image quality” through high frame rate playback without the need for complex hardware upgrades.

The upgrade will expand frame rate beyond the DCI-compliant 24 fps (frames per second) to 48 and 60 fps for 2D 2K and 3D 2K content. It becomes available in autumn as a software update priced at $3,000 per complete projector/server system.

“With the High Frame Rate upgrade for our existing Sony Digital Cinema 4K customers the best just got better,” said Gary Johns, svp of Digital Cinema Solutions at Sony Electronics.

“Today our image quality and viewing experience in 3D remains unmatched, and with this innovative software update we’re providing a straightforward way for customers to realise even better picture quality, extending the investments they’ve already made while readying them to take advantage of the next phase in super smooth 3D viewing.”

In addition to higher frame rates, the upgrade will also increase maximum bit-rates from 250 Mbps to 500 Mbps2.