TT3D (working title), the hugely ambitious 3D event movie about the Isle of Man’s celebrated motorcycle race, is likely to receive its market premiere in Cannes.

The project is now well into post-production.
Here in Santa Monica, producer Marc Samuelson has revealed further details of the feature, which is
being readied for UK theatrical release in May next year (just before the 2011 TT race.)

“We see it an event in that the film itself is important but around that, there is a game and huge amount of ancillary product,” Samuelson says of the doc, which follows six key
riders throughout the race.

A small army of technicians were involved in shooting the event. The film, directed by Richard De Aragues, was made with two full 3D units, each using twin red cameras on
special rigs. There was also a high speed unit and a 2D high def roving camera. The feature doc also uses footage from the 27 high definition cameras used by production outfit North One as part of its TV coverage.

“Pretty much everybody from the island cherishes and loves the TT and knows an enormous amount about it,” Samuelson said. He said that it was a matter of pride for
the producers to represent the race “in the right light” and to get across to audiences “quite what a remarkable event its is.”

The film, handled at the AFM by HanWay, has been made through Cinema NX, the film financing and production company supported by the Isle of Man Government.
It will be released through NX’s distribution arm, headed by Gemma Spector.

The TT (Tourist Trophy) Race takes place on the Isle of Man over a two week period in late May/early June every year.

Cinema NX, which backs 4 to 6 films a year, has a number of other films in the market, among them Albatross (sold by WestEnd Films), and Decoy Bride and Chico and Rita (sold
by HanWay).