CinemarkInternational, one of the leading exhibitors in Latin America that celebratesits 20th anniversary this year, is to open two new theatres in Brazil in May.

The MuellerShopping theatre will be located inside an existing five-storey shopping centrein the heart of Curitiba and features an eight-screen multiplex comprising morethan 2,200 seats in a 40,904 sq ft complex. This will be Cinemark's secondtheatre in the southern city.

The newfive-screen Center Norte Theatre in Sao Paolo will be the company's 14th in thecity and comprises 1,617 seats in a 29,064 sq ft complex.

The theatre willbe part of a major regional shopping centre serving 2m people and includesrestaurants, retail stores and a large supermarket.

Both sitesfeature Dolby Digital sound, stadium-style seating, high-backed rocker chairswith cup holder armrests and wall-to-wall screens.

Currently Cinemark operates3,181 screens in 33 states and 13 countries outside the US including Argentina,Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico,Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Taiwan.