CineMart, the Rotterdam film festival's co-production market, has announced its 2009 selection.

There are 35 titles in all. New projects from established autuers like Zhang Yuan, Rodrigo Moreno and Pablo Stoll nestle alongside films from newcomers.

There are animation films (Alois Nebel from the Czech Republic), dark-themed family dramas and thrillers. Confirmed sales agents attending already include Fortissimo Films, Wild Bunch, The Match Factory, The Works International, Bavaria Film International, MK2, Coproduction Office Films Distribution, Coach14 and Elle Driver.

CineMart organiser Marit van den Elshout confirmed that the event had received around 500 applications.

'We aimed this year to make a selection of no more than 35 projects. We wanted to maintain the exclusvitity of being in CineMart and also to give more space and exclusivity to the projects,' van den Elshout said. 'We had to select in a sharper and more rigorous way. That meant we had to kill more darlings but at the same time, that give us a better focus on the projects we did select.'

Running from January 25 to January 29, CineMart is now in its 26th year.

CineMart Selection 2009

Title Director (Production Company) Country

3 Pablo Stoll (Control Z Films & Pandora Film Produktion) Uruguay/Germany

Alois Nebel Tomas Lunak & Jaromir Svejdik (Negativ Film Productions & Tobogang) Czech Republic

Atomium Norbert Ter Hall (Phanta Vision Film International) Netherlands

Berina's Chakras Faruk Loncarevic (SCCA & Bosnia & Herzegovina

Birdie Byamba Sakhya (Guru Media) Mongolia

Executioner Garden Zhang Yuan (Beijing Good Tiding Culture Development Company & Chinese Shadows) China

Freedomland Adolfo Alix Jr. (Bicycle Pictures) Philippines

Galloping Mind Wim Vandekeybus (Savage Film & Ginga Eleven Filmes) Belgium/Brazil

Gin & Tonic Alice Bell (Doll) Australia

Girimunho Helvecio Marins Jr. & Clarissa Campolina (Dezenove Som e Imagens & Teia Filmes & Autentika Films) Brazil/Germany

Greengrass Nicola Mills (Quark Films) UK

L'hiver Dernier John Shank (Tarantula & Limited Adventures) Belgium

L'homme Qui Cache La Forêt Bertrand Mandico (Societe Parisienne de Production & Essential Film Produktion) France/Germany

The Housemaid 2009 Gina Kim (Mirovision Inc) South Korea

Hunter Bakur Bakuradze (Salvador D Production & CTB) Russia

Koeraaj Koeraaj Marjoleine Boonstra (Volya Films & Niko Film & Zapomatic) Netherlands/Belgium/Germany

Letters to Ingel Sulev Keedus (F-Seitze & Frame Productions OY) Estonia/Finland

Le Mensonge Dimitri Karakatsanis (CCCP) Belgium

Un Mundo Misterioso Rodrigo Moreno (Rizoma Films) Argentina

My Back Page Yamashita Nobuhiro (Bitters End Inc) Japan

Naufragio Pedro Aguilera (Alokatu S.L.) Spain

Nordfjord Danyael Sugawara (SNG Film) Netherlands

Pioneer Erik Skjoldbjaerg (Friland AS) Norway

PLAY>> Ruben Östlund (Plattform Produktion) Sweden

Rare Exports Jalmari Helander (Cinet Ltd) Finland

The Silent Ones Ricky Rijneke (Rotterdam Films) Netherlands

Skeletons Nick Whitfield (Forward Films/Edge City Films) UK

The Snakehead Guka Omarova (Les Petites Lumières & KINOFABRIKA) France/ Russia/Germany

Straw Man Peng Tao (New South Independent Film Studio) China

Sur La Planche Leila Kilani (Aurora Films & Soccochico Films) France/Morocco

Tama Taika Waititi (Whenua Films) New Zealand

La Tercera Orilla Del Rio Celina Murga (Tresmilmundos Cine) Argentina

The Tour Chris Chong Chan Fui (Red Films & Tanjung Aru Pictures) Malaysia

Tuesday After Christmas Radu Muntean (Multimedia Est) Romania

Zephyr Belma Bas (Filmik Productions) Turkey