Titles include comedy, historical drama and family film.

Cinepool will presenting four new titles to prospective buyers as part of its line-up of films at next month’s Marché du Film in Cannes.

The Munich-based sales agent will have promo screenings of three German films currently in post-production:

  • Christian Zübert’s comedy Three Quarter Moon about how the world of a grumpy loner taxi-driver (played by Cherry Blossoms’ lead actor Elmar Wepper) changes radically when he accidentally gets stuck having to look after a six-year-old Turkish girl who is evidently alone and not able to speak a word of German. Majestic Filmverleih will release in Germany.
  • Marcus O. Rosenmüller’s historical drama Wunderkinder, starring Kai Wiesinger, Catherine Flemming, Konstantin Wecker, set in the Ukraine during the Second World War about three musical child prodigies learning to survive through their musical skills, friendship and courage. Kinowelt has theatrical rights for Germany.
  • Franziska Buch’s family film Yoko, based on the bestselling books by children’s author Knister, about the friendship and adventures of little Pia and a young Yeti with mysterious powers. This first family film by Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion will be released by Sony Pictures Releasing in Germany in January 2012.

In addition, Cinepool will be pitching Niko 2 – Family Affairs (working title), the sequel to the international box office success Niko & The Way To The Stars which was sold to more than 100 territories. Directed by Kari Juusonen and Jorgen Lerdam, the English-language 3D animation film had been presented as a project at this year’s Cartoon Movie co-production market in Lyon and is now in production for delivery in 2012.

Moreover, Cinepool’s line-up includes screenings of new footage from another 3D animation production, Legends Of Valhalla – Thor, which is still in production and will be delivered this December, as well as presentations in the New German Films market showcase for Lars Kraume’s futuristic drama The Days To Come and Harald Sicheritz’s family film Lilly The Witch 2 – The Journey To Mandolan.