Marco Mehlitz is leaving his job as CEO andmanaging director of Munich-based production fund Cinerenta to set up his ownproduction outfit.

Speaking exclusively to,Mehlitz explained that his Berlin/Babelsberg-based company would focus on internationalEnglish-language feature films to be financed via private placements and funds.The as-yet-unnamed company will develop projects for production in Europe andalso serve as a partner for foreign production companies wanting to shoot theirfilms in Europe.

According to Mehlitz, his company will operate'in the independent sector with budgets of up to $10-12m' and isplanning to forge strategic partnerships with players in the fields ofdevelopment and distribution.

During Mehlitz's two-and-a-half years atCinerenta, he was responsible for all of the production fund's projects,including Confidence, starring Dustin Hoffmann and Andy Garcia, thescience fiction thriller Final Cut (which premiered at this year'sBerlinale in February) and The Cave which is currently shooting inRomania. In addition, he had focused on improving the fund's productioncontrolling procedures and cooperation with production partners.

Mehlitz will be leaving Cinerenta on June 30,but continue to oversee the production of current Cinerenta projects through totheir delivery as an executive producer.