Korea's LJ Film has announced plans for its first English-language actionfilm Comeback to be the directorialdebut of Jung Doo-hong, who also stars in recent The Weinstein Company pick-up The City OfViolence.

Jung is well-known as amartial arts expert and action choreographer for box office hits such as KangWoo-suk's Silmido and upcomingswordplay fantasy Restless. He alsofounded Seoul Action School, whose 300-strong troupe of students and instructorswill be participating in the Comebackaction sequences.

Targeting the B-film genremarket in the US - which, according to LJ Film CEO Lee Seung-jae, could turn out to bemore lucrative than the Korean market -Comebackis to star newcomer Jason Yee, a martial arts expert and actor reportedlyreminiscent of Bruce Lee.

Yee will be playing anAsian-American cop investigating Asian crime organisations in New York City. When he is framed with corruption and drugs, heflies to Korea to track down the gang's boss, clear his name andsolve the case.

Prime Entertainment, parentcompany of LJ Film, is to fund the film which currently has a budget of $2m-$3m.

Last year saw LJ Film set upa branch, LJ Film USA, in New York. Thecompany is also looking for US partners to collaborate on distribution.

Lee explains: "The Koreanmarket is currently too limited in size to support all its local productions.It's inevitable that Korean films should look outside the local market, and thelargest overseas market is in North America. China is big, but we will have to wait 10 years for themarket and industry to develop enough."

A first draft script hasbeen completed and the film is targeting completion in 2007. Shooting will takeplace in NYC and Seoul.