Leading Korean investor/distributor CJ Entertainment CEO Katherine Kim has announced that the company will be investing $46.5m - $53.1m this year in 13-15 local releases and another $6.64m in 5-10 overseas projects in the US, China and Japan.

Speaking to local press, Kim also talked about Korea's dying ancillary markets and the need to stop piracy and increase diversity in films distributed.

She elaborated on CJ's aim to expand its markets to a global arena by concentrating on international co-productions, selling remakes rights to local contents and helping local directors and actors break into foreign markets.

CJ is currently co-producing Korean Wedding - to shoot 85% in Korea - with US-based Vertigo Entertainment; while Korea-China co-production Sophie's World (working title), starring Zhang Ziyi, is currently in post-production with plans for an August release in China and an autumn release in Korea.

In Japan, the company is also looking to work with local production consortiums on investment, production and international distribution. CJ-Amuse co-production Fish Story is already due for a March release in Japan.

CJ has also signed deals with Fox Atomic on the remake of Kim Jee-woon's action drama A Bittersweet Life and Sobini Pictures for John H. Lee's melodrama A Moment To Remember.