Sony's latest Adam Sandler comedy Click took control of the box office as itdethroned Cars toopen on an impressive $40m estimated three-day haul.

Thiswas in the range of previous Sandler releases: The Longest Yard launched on $47.6m in May 2005, 50 First Dates took $39.9m in February 2004, and Anger Managementproduced $42.2m in April 2003.

Sandlerplays a workaholic who discovers his family life is passing him by after hefinds a magic remote control. Kate Beckinsale also stars in Frank Coraci'spicture, which averaged $10,670 in 2,749 theatres.

Cars hadto settle for second place in its third weekend, adding $22.5m for a $155.9mdomestic tally, while Paramount's Nacho Libre fell one to third on $12.1m for $52.7mafter two weekends.

The only other top 10 debutant was Rogue Pictures' Los Angeles-setcrime caper Waist Deep,which opened in fourth place on $9.5m for a $9,414 average in 1,004 theatres.

Tyrese Gibson takes the lead as an ex-con who teams upwith a hustler (Meagan Good) to recover his son from a gang boss. The Game andLarenz Tate also star and Vondie Curtis-Hall directed.

Aggregate box office improved for the sixth consecutiveweekend as the top 12 pictures combined for $125.9m, a rise of 7% against thecomparable weekend in 2005.

Universal's comedy The Break-Up crossed $100m in its fourth weekend andranks seventh on $103.7m. Stablemate The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift ranks fifth on $42.6m after two, andWarner Bros' romance The Lake House finished one place behind on $29.2m after the same amount oftime.

Fox International's X-Men: The Last Stand has amassed $224.1m after five, andSony's The Da Vinci Code has reached $205.5m after six.

Next weekend's wide releases are: Warner Bros' action epic SupermanReturns starring BrandonRouth, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey; and Fox's comedy The Devil WearsPrada, which stars MerylStreep and Anne Hathaway.

Estimated Top Ten North America June 23-23, 2006

Film (Distributor)/International distribution/Estimatedweekend gross/Estimated total to date

1 (-) Click (Sony) SPRI $40m -

2 (1) Cars(Buena Vista/Pixar) BVI $22.5m $155.9m

3 (2) Nacho Libre (Paramount) UIP $12.1m $52.7m

4 (-) Waist Deep (Rogue) Focus Features Int'l $9.5m -

5 (3) The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift (Universal) UIP $9.2m $42.6m

6 (4) The Lake House (Warner Bros) WBPI/Village Roadshow $8.3m $29.2m

7 (5) The Break-Up (Universal) UIP $6.1m $103.7m

8 (7) Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties (Fox) Fox Int'l $4.8m $16m

9 (6) X-Men: The Last Stand (Fox) Fox Int'l $4.4m $224.1m

10 (9) The DaVinci Code (Sony) SPRI$4m $205.5m