Paramount's monster movie Cloverfield dominated the international market, adding an estimated $14.3m from 3,849 locations in 46 territories through PPI. Its running total has now climbed to $58m.

The film opened in 13 territories where the best result came from France as a number two debut produced $3.3m from 443 screens.

Elsewhere it opened in second place in Brazil on $563,000 from 146 sites, second in Belgium on $537,000 from 43 and second in Argentina on $224,000 from 36.

The biggest gross of the weekend came from the UK as Cloverfield added $3.4m from 379 to reach $13.4m.

No Country For Old Men grossed $5.3m from 1,352 screens in 15 territories for $24.4m. There were six launches including a second place $2.2m start in Spain from 307 sites and $256,000 from 138 in Mexico.

The Kite Runner has amassed $19.1m following a $1.5m haul from 420 sites in 13 territories. Bee Movie added $919,000 from 1,294 venues in 63 for $156.6m.

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets grossed $10.1m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) from 2,820 screens in 23 territories for $183.5m.

The film is expected to end in the $215m-225m region and opened top in the UK on $4.8m from 550 sites and top in Denmark in $507,000 from 58. The adventure sequel added $2.5m from 700 in Germany for $12.8m and
$505,000 from 204 in Brazil for $3.6m.

WDSMPI's Enchanted raised its international running total by $3.1m from 2,261 in 37 for $175.7m. The two number one launches in Hong Kong and Taiwan generated $1.3m from 37 and $625,000 from 70, respectively.

There Will Be Blood received its international premiere at Berlin on Friday and followed that up with a two-day $435,000 UK debut and a two-day $285,000 gross in Australia.

I Am Legend
grossed $9m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) from more than 3,500 prints in 55 markets to reach $316.6m. Weekend highlights included an excellent $4.5m Russian launch from 461 prints. The sci-fi horror has reached $50.6m in the UK and $38.3m in Japan.

Sweeney Todd added $7.9m from more than 2,200 prints in 31 markets for $59m, powered by a $797,500 number two launch in Mexico on 300 and $465,000 in Brazil. The film has grossed $18.8m in the UK and $15.4m in Japan.

The Bucket List grossed $4.8m from 1,460 prints in 19 territories for $20.5m. The drama added $11.1m from 270 in the second weekend in Spain for $3m.

The adventure romance Fool's Gold opened day-and-date with Australia in first place on $1.7m from 192 prints.

Death Note 3 dominated the market in Japan as $4.9m from 398 prints took approximately 44% market share of the top five titles. Also known as L Change The World, the film was co-produced by Warner Bros Pictures and Nippon Television Network.

Juno generated an excellent $8.7m from 1,138 screens in 15 markets through Fox International for $17.7m. Weekend highlights were a number two $3.9m gross in the UK from 363, $1.3m in France from 149 and just over $1m in Spain from 170.

The film launched in six markets overall and added $925,000 from 197 in Australia in the fourth weekend for second place on $7.4m.

Alvin And The Chipmunks added $3.7m from 2,573 screens in 30 for $119.2m fired by three launches in smaller markets. The romantic comedy 27 Dresses raised its tally by $1.2m from 436 in 14 for $12.3m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) comedy CJ7 continued to perform well in Asia as a further $6.8m from 480 screens in seven markets elevated the tally to $12.3m.

Weekend launches included a $1.9m number one result in Malaysia on 92 screens, a number one debut in Singapore that produced $1.4m from 51 and a number two $530,000 result in Thailand on 86.

The film stayed top in the second weekend in Hong Kong after $2.2m from 66 raised the total to $5.3m and also held on to the number one berth in Taiwan as $385,000 from 159 brought the tally to $2.8m.

The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep added $3.4m from 1,600 screens in 25 markets for $15.9m, fired up by a number three launch in the UK that drew $1.5m from 460. The family release opened third in Argentina on $200,000 from 34 and
in other debuts took $180,000 from 101 in Germany, $95,000 from 16 in
Chile and $15,000 from 21 in Austria.

In second-weekend holds, the film ranked second in Brazil on $330,000 from 178 for $1.6m, number one in Venezuela on $260,000 from 41 for $790,000 and 11th in Japan on $210,000 from 303 for $1.3m.

Universal's Charlie Wilson's War added $6.1m from 1,618 venues in 34 territories through UPI for $26.6m. The true story opened in South Korea on $1.1m from 221 sites and launched in seventh place in Germany on $1.5m from 343.

American Gangster added $4.3m from 1,914 venues in 40 territories to stand at $123.3m. The crime saga ranked third in Japan after $1m from 290 sites brought the tally after two weekends to $4.8m.

The film stands at $2.2m in Mexico after two, $2.5m in Brazil after three and 13.4m after four in Italy, $13.5m in Spain after seven and $9.5m in Australia after five.

Atonement grossed $2.3m from 965 venues in 38 territories for $63.8m and opened in Argentina on $165,000 from 35 and $170,000 from 62 in Mexico.

The romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe opened in the UK in fifth place
on $1.5m from 331 sites. German pick-up Die Rote Zora stands at $3.4m
from four territories and Elizabeth:The Golden Age has amassed $48.9m