Edward Noeltner'sCinema Management Group (CMG) has acquired all international rights to OrenRudavsky's romantic comedy The Treatment starring ChrisEigeman, Ian Holm and Famke Janssen.

The story of anerdy schoolteacher who falls for a sensuous Manhattan socialite was one of themost talked about titles at the recent Tribeca Film Festival and won the Madein New York - Best Narrative Feature award.

'It's theperfect New York City-set movie: a little neurotic, very attaching, and in theend you just can't get enough of the characters,' Noeltner, who willintroduce the picture to buyers at Cannes, said.

'With itsuniversal themes of love and relationships, it will play to audiences the worldover.'

Rudavsky co-wroteThe Treatment with Daniel Housman based on the novel byDaniel Menaker, and produced with Jonathan Shoemaker.

Roxanne Bok andScott Bok served as executive producers.