Edward Noeltner's CinemaManagement Group (CMG) has picked up international sales on the Legend FilmsLibrary and has already sold the entire library to RCV Entertainment for DVDand TV rights in Benelux.

The library encompasses morethan 50 newly restored titles by San Diego-based Legend Films, including GeorgeA Romero's Night Of The Living Deadand Roger Corman's The Little Shop Of Horrors.

Also featuring are Ed Wood'sPlan Nine From Outer Space, JohnWayne titles The Outlaw and StolenGoods, Laurel & Hardy's MarchOf The Wooden Soldiers, Merian CCooper's sci-fi classic She, andeight Shirley Temple pictures.

"These features providewonderful entertainment and we are pleased to release them on an internationallevel, which for many of these films will be for the first time," Noeltnersaid. "We are thrilled to be representing these outstanding classic filmsand to be in business with RCV Entertainment, one of the top distributors inthe Benelux, who will be releasing the titles starting early next year."

CMG's slate includes Tribecawinner The Treatment, and theentire Moriah Films documentary slate.