Los Angeles-based sales company Cinema Management Group (CMG) hassecured a trio of major deals on Dave Payne's horror picture Reeker.

Reeker,which receives its international market premiere on Sept 10 when it screens atToronto outside the festival, has sold to Bac Films in France, PatheDistribution in the UK, and Blanco & Travieso in Venezuela.

"Reeker is the fourth title we have licensed to Bac Films since wecreated CMG last year," CMG president Edward Noeltner said.

"We are delighted that Jean Labadie, one of the topindependent distributors with an incredible sense for commercial properties,has acquired Reekerfor his distribution operation in France".

Other CMG-Bac deals include the upcoming animated title Hoodwinked!The True Story Of Red Riding Hood, which The Weinstein Company will release in North America atChristmas; and the animated zombie picture Gone Bad, on which Wes Craven is serving asexecutive producer.

"In the UK, we had a lot of distributors lining-up for Reeker and we were delighted to go with PatheDistribution as they have done very well with this genre in the past, releasingsuch horror hits in the UK as Jeepers Creepers 2 and Resident Evil."

Noeltner negotiated the deal with Pathe's head of acquisitionsBerenice Fugard.

Blanco & Travieso picked up rights as part of a three-picturedeal that includes Hoodwinked and CMG's animated feature currently in production, Conan:Red Nails.

Reeker centres on five partygoers who stumbleupon a desert motel and become trapped in a no man's land between theliving and the dead. Devon Gummersall, Derek Richardson, and Arielle Kebbelstar.