EdNoeltner's Cinema Management Group (CMG) has sold domestic rights to MoriahFilms' anti-semitism documentary Ever Again to Rocky Mountain Pictures.

EverAgain is the eighth documentary featureproduced by Moriah Films, a division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, andexplores the resurgence of violent anti-semitism across Europe.

Thedistributor plans a Dec 8 limited release in Los Angeles and New York and willexpand into 10 cities after that. The picture received its internationalpremiere at the Deauville Film Festival in Sept.

RichardTrank directed based on a screenplay he co-wrote with Simon Wiesenthal Centerfounder and dean Rabbi Marvin Hier, who also produced.

CMGis the exclusive sales agent on the entire Moriah Films slate and Noeltnernegotiated the deal with Rocky Mountain Pictures chief Randy Slaughter.

'We'vehad tremendous success with finding niche gems like One Night With The King and releasing them to an underserved North American audience,'Slaughter said. 'We feel that Ever Again is that type of film: challenging, thought provoking,political and exciting to watch.'

CMGhas already sold Ever Again in a numberof overseas territories. Deals have concluded with Germany/Austria (Polyband),France (Bac Films), the Benelux (TDM Releasing), the UK (Stax International),Scandinavia (Camro Films), Portugal (Filmes Unimundos), the former Yugoslavia(ProVision), Israel (Digital Media), Brazil (Swen Distribution), and Mexico(Quality Films).