EXCLUSIVE: Edward Noeltner’s Cinema Management Group will screen Gateway Films’ Plastic and commence talks with AFM buyers next week.

Plastic centres on a group of university students who perpetrate credit card scams and must pull off a jewel heist in Miami when they accidentally target a gangster.

Julian Gilbey directed and also produced with Terry Stone of Gateway Films, Chris Howard and Daniel Toland.

Ed Speleers from Downton Abbey leads the predominantly UK cast alongside Will Poulter, Alfie Allen, Sebastian De Souza and Emma Rigby. Thomas Kretschmann and Graham McTavish round out the cast.

Plastic will receive its world premiere screenings on November 6 and 8.

“With a terrific script written by Chris Howard, Julian Gilbey and Will Gilbey, a wonderful and talented group of up-and-coming actors and great directing, I believe Gateway Films has produced its best feature to date,” said Stone.

“For each and every [cast member] we picked, we felt we got the right actor for the role. We were also lucky to get seasoned actors like Thomas Kretschmann and Graham McTavish who brought a sense of maturity and craft to the set. We’re excited for Edward and his CMG team to be holding the world premiere of Plastic at the AFM.”

Plastic is the perfect action heist robbery [film] to be premiering at the AFM because the heart of the story is actually based on a Beverly Hills jewellery heist which had to be set in Miami, in order to avoid any possible threats of litigation,” said Noeltner.

“The Beverly Hills jeweller was taken for quite a ride having been duped into flying across the Atlantic with $20m in jewels based on a couple of phone calls made by a group of college students who then hired a private jet to fly them to London. It’s really quite outrageous how they fooled the whole security team and of course that makes for a great story in the film.”

Plastic marks CMG’s third feature collaboration with Gateway Films after Get Lucky and upcoming holiday season release, the 3D animated Saving Santa. 

Saving Santa screens on November 9 and 10. CMG also screens The Hunted on November 7, 8 and 9 and Reaching For The Moon on November 8.