Edward Noeltner's LA-based Cinema Management Group (CMG) has boarded animator Jeff Lew's feature directorial debut Killer Bean Forever and will introduce to buyers in Toronto.

The film is based on Lew's cult short Killer Bean 2: The Party, which took the internet by storm when it launched on iFilm in 2000 and drew more than 1.8m unique hits.

The story continues the exploits of the eponymous assassin as he pursues a mobster called Cappucino in a crime infested world inhabited by coffee beans.

Lews previously served as the lead animator on films like The Matrix Reloaded and X-Men and is working on Transformers 2. Following the success of Killer Bean 2: The Party Lews launched Killer Bean Studios to specialise in CG animated features.

CMG is also handling sales here on The People Speak, which screens in the Mavericks programme.