Columbia TriStar has pickedup DVD and television rights from Wellspring to Vincent Gallo's The BrownBunny, with Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) acquiring a slew of international rights from Kinetique.

SPRI picked up rights to the UK, Italy, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand,India, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, and Asia, excluding Japan and Thailand.

The Brown Bunny stirred up astorm in Cannes 2003, when a fellatio scene between Gallo and former loverChloe Sevigny stirred tempers and led to a feud between Gallo and the criticRoger Ebert.

Gallo later relented and admitted his picture, which centres on a lovelornmotorcycle driver's trans-American trek to reunite with the love of his life,was "a disaster of a film".

Wellspring opened The Brown Bunnyin limited theatrical release late last year, when it grossed less than $1m.Now in the Sony stable, the picture is likely to garner a cult following onDVD.

Kinetique released a cut version in Japanese theatres in late 2003 that grossedmore than $1m. Wild Bunch picked up rights at Cannes 2003 and released it inFrance early last year.