German distributor Constantin Film and private broadcaster RTL Television have unveiled the first three titles to be released under a deal struck last September.

Constantin will handle theatrical distribution of US teen comedy Van Wilder, to be released on July 4, the Alicia Silverstone/Woody Harrelson-vehicle Scorched and Chen Kaige's erotic Killing Me Softly all acquired by the broadcaster under all-rights deals.

The deal was motivated by Constantin's desire to add new sources of product for its distribution arm. It acts as a distribution service provider in return for a percentage of the box office receipts without having to accept the risk of the licence or p&a costs.

In addition, to Francois Ozon's 8 Femmes, which had been announced during this year's Berlinale and the South African hit comedy Mr Bones announced during AFM, Constantin has also added Michael Gutmann's romantic drama Herz Ueber Kopf; the comedy Wie Die Karnickel, based on the comics of Ralf Koenig, Doris Doerrie's new feature Nackt; and the family film Bibi Blocksberg by the end of September.