ContentFilm Internationalhas sold The Book Of Revelation,directed by Ana Kokkinos (Head On), to22 territories, one of the most robust sales performances by an unseenindependent Australian film in recent years.

Distributors including TheWorks (UK), A Film (Netherlands and Belgium), Scanbox (Scandinavia) and Palace(Australia and New Zealand) signed on prior to the film going into productionin February last year.

A teaser at Cannes and an extended promo at AFM prompted moredistributors to come on board including Avex (Japan) and Gussi (Mexico). Other buyers include Shapira (Israel), Cathay (Singapore), Monolith (Poland) and EEAP for much of Eastern Europe.

The Book Of Revelation is billed as "a controversial erotic thriller" byContentFilm. It is the story of a charismatic and physically beautiful dancer,played by Tom Long, who is abducted by three hooded women then seduced, abusedand exploited over the course of 12 days.

When he is suddenly releasedwith no knowledge of the identity of his captors, his now shattered lifebecomes a quest to find them. Greta Scacchi, Colin Friels and relative newcomerAnna Torv are also in the cast.

"The film is attractingattention because of the impeccable artistic credentials of its creators - AnaKokkinos, producer Al Clark and Andrew Bovell [who, alongside Kokkinos, adaptedthe novel of the same name by UK author Rupert Thomson] - combined with theheady mix of sophisticated controversial sexuality and intense emotion," said ContentFilmmanaging director Jamie Carmichael.

The Wildheart-Zizaniproduction was financed by Film Finance Corporation Australia, ContentFilm, the New South Wales Film andTelevision Office and Film Victoria.The Royal Bank of Scotland provided gap financing. It will get its biggest pushat this year's Cannes.