Jehane Noujaim, director of acclaimed 2004 documentary Control Room, is heading a unique project offering a global day of film.

Pangea Day, which is scheduled for May 10, 2008, will be held in eight different cities: Cairo, Dharamsala, Jerusalem, Kigali, London, New York, Ramallah and Rio de Janeiro. The venues will be linked to create a four-hour programme of films, speakers and music.

The content will be broadcast live through TV, digital cinema, mobile devices, and the Internet.

The project is backed by the famed TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference and community. Other supporters include YouTube and Avenue A/Razorfish.

The project's advisory board includes JJ Abrams, Cameron Diaz, Goldie Hawn, Eboo Patel, Meg Ryan, Jeff Skoll, and Philippe Starck.

'Movies alone can't change the world, but the people who watch them can,' said Noujaim. 'If you had the world's attention for five minutes, what story would you tell''

Professional and amateur film-makers are being recruited to showcase their short films (five minutes or under), which are to be driven visually not relying heavily on dialogue. A jury of film world experts led by Noujaim will select shorts to be included.

A panel of jurors, led by Noujaim and other renowned members of the film community, will review all submissions and select the winning films to be screened on Pangea Day.

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