Rodrigo Cortes outlined his vision for the psychological thriller Red Lights in a Friday morning [5] buyer presentation hosted by Lisa Wilson’s Parlay Films.

The nine-week shoot is scheduled for February 2011 and will take place principally in Spain, followed by several weeks in North America.

Sigourney Weaver plays a psychologist who enlists the support of her protege (Cillian Murphy) to investigate a renowned blind psychic played by Robert De Niro.

“You will change your mind five times,” the Burieddirector told a gaggle of buyers that included representatives from Warner Bros, Lionsgate and eOne.

“It’s a game and the movie will play with you,” Cortes said, adding later: “The movie will [show] that the human brain is not a tool you can trust because it lies all the time.”

Cortes is riding high on acclaim for his man-in-a-coffin Sundance hit Buried starring Ryan Reynolds, which has already grossed more than $12m overseas.