The Nordic Film Composers Network has teamed with CPH PIX for the third edition of the festival to offer an extra spotlight on film music.

The Nordic Film Composers Award, one of the biggest film music prizes in the world, is accompanied by a cash prize of Euros 10,000.

The award will be presented during the CPH PIX closing ceremony on April 30. During the show, nominated music scores will have extracts performed live.

The Nordic Film Composers Network was established to promote Nordic film music and strengthen cooperation between local composers.

The organization brings together Iceland, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Each country is eligible to nominated one of its national composers each year.

National jury members include Danish director Pernille Fischer Christensen, Icelandic film composer Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Norwegian film composer Geir Bøhren and Swedish film composer Jean-Paul Wall [pictured].

The Grand Jury includes film professionals from across Europe. The award was started in 2008 and was presented in 2010 at Goteborg’s film festival.

“We have a joint interest in shedding more light on film music and film composers,” said Jacob Neiiendam, Festival Director at CPH PIX. “Not least the great work being done by the composers in the region, so naturally we are thrilled and honored to present this prize in connection with our own talent award at PIX 2011.”

The third edition of CPH PIX, Copenhagen’s annual film festival, will run April 14-May 1. The programme will be announced on March 16. The festival’s New Talent Grand PIX comes with a cash prize of Euros 30,000.