Copenhagen's new CPH:PIX festival will debut the ARTFILM-FILMART project during its first edition.

The initiative will present five Danish acclaimed filmmakers creating five different films in collaboration with five renowned visual artists. The pairs are Pernille Fischer Christensen (A Soap) and Cathrine Raben Davidsen; Christoffer Boe (Reconstruction) and Balder Olrik; Dagur Kari (Dark Horse) and Christina Hamre; Lone Scherfig (Italian For Beginners) and Ulrik Møller; and Martin de Thura (Young Man Falling) and Peter Callesen.

Meta Louise Foldager of Zentropa will produce the films.

CPH:PIX is developing the project with the GL STRAND contemporary art gallery in Copenhagen. The galleries will host the installation - part cinema/part exhibit plus a meeting point lounge -for two weeks. There will be related events and talks about the crossover between art and film.

'We are thrilled to be able to present this unique project at CPH:PIX,' said festival director Jacob Neiiendam. 'GL STRAND is famous for presenting audiences with new art, and for putting art into new contexts and different framesets, not unlike what we will strive to do with films at our new festival. Danish art is on the brink of a major international breakthrough, and we hope we can help raise the awareness around these extraordinary artists.'

CPH:PIX will host its first edition April 16-26, presenting 170 features. The ARTFILM-FILMART exhibit opens April 22 and will run April 23-May 3.