Alan Cummingwill host BAFTA/LA's 12th Annual Britannia Awards in Los Angeles on Nov8.

Presenters atthe upcoming awards show include Billy Connolly, Dustin Hoffman, Russell Crowe,Robin Williams, Jane Seymour, Robert Wagner and Sandra Bullock.

As previouslyreported here, Hugh Grant will receive the annual Stanley Kubrick BritanniaAward for excellence in film and director Peter Weir will collect the new JohnSchlesinger Britannia Award for artistic excellence.

In additionAngela Lansbury will receive the Lifetime Achievement in Television and FilmAward and Sir Howard Stringer will receive the Britannia Award forcontributions to worldwide entertainment.

'We are proud to be presenting our hallmark ofrespect upon our 2003 honorees, who stand at the very pinnacle of theirprofessions,' BAFTA/LA chairman Gary Dartnall said in a statement.