Columbia TristarFilm Distributors International (CTFDI) has dissolved its joint distributionventure in Hong Kong with Edko Films and named Edko its sole agent anddistributor in the market.

Edko/Columbiageneral manager Li Chow will relocate to Beijing to oversee mainlanddistribution of the studio's pictures, while Edko chief Bill Kong will overseedistribution activities in Hong Kong.

Kong is alsojoining Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia's (CPFPA) board of directors andwill consult on local production projects and distribution opportunities inmainland China with CPFPA managing director Barbara Robinson and ColumbiaTristar Motion Picture Group vice chairman Gareth Wigan.

"I think thatour distribution changes will result in a greater level of success for thestudio's pictures in both Hong Kong and China," Kong said in a statement.

"I am very happyto take Edko's relationship with Sony in Hong Kong to a new level and I am alsovery excited to join Sony's local production efforts in the region."

"We aredelighted to be forming a closer relationship with Bill in Hong Kong," MarkZucker, CTFDI's senior executive vice president of distribution, added

"His expertise will be a great benefit to our distributionactivities in this challenging market. We are also very happy to have Li inBeijing. Her prior experience in representing CTFDI in China will be a greatasset as we prepare for our future in this huge market."

BesidesSouth-East Asia, Sony Pictures Entertainment has local-language productionoperations in Mexico, Spain, Brazil and the UK.