Korean distributor CJ Entertainment has sold thriller No Mercy to CTV for French-speaking territories.

“It’s an edgy film with the pacing of The Chaser and a heartbreaking twist like Oldboy. No Mercy generated buzz in Berlin after its market debut and there was a bidding war,” says Kini Kim, senior vice president, head of international sales and distribution at CJ. “CTV previously [distributed] Bong Joon-ho’s Memories Of Murder so they know how to handle a thriller like this.”

Sul Kyung-gu (pictured) (Haeundae) stars as a top forensic pathologist who is called in on a homicide case with an environmental fanatic, played by Ryoo Seung-bum (Crying Fist) as the main suspect. When his daughter is kidnapped, he is forced to figure out the fanatic’s real agenda.

The film is written and directed by Kim Hyung-jun, previously a TV producer and more recently the screenwriter for the film Daddy Long Legs.