Jill Cutler (pictured) has left CAA to become president of IrwinWinkler's Winkler Films. While an agent Cutler worked with Winkler on a numberof films including the upcoming Iraq War drama Home Of The Brave, which opens through MGM on Dec 15.

"We've had an opportunity over the last few years to workclosely with Jill on our projects and her contributions have beenimmeasurable," Winkler said.

"She will bring a whole new dimension to the company and welook forward to utilising her talents as we develop future film and televisionprojects."

"I'm excited about working with Irwin, who I have known formany years," Cutler added.

"I have theutmost respect for his talent and look forward to working with him to continuehis legacy of developing and making great films." Cutler joined CAA in1991.

Winkler's recentcredits include De-Lovely, Enough, Life As A House and The Net.