Something Like Happiness (Stesti) has won top honoursat the San Sebastian International Film Festival, taking the Golden Shell forBest Picture and the Best Actress award for Ana Geislerova.

The Czech Republic-German co-production was directed byBodhan Slama and is centred around a young girl in a working class Czech townwhose boyfriend has emigrated to the US; although she wants to join him, she istorn by an obligation to her friend's neglected young children.

The Jury Special Prize was awarded to Argentina's BlessedBy Fire (Illuminados por el fuego), directed by Tristan Bauer - thecountry's first large-scale examination of the Falklands War.

The San Sebastian Jury, headed by actress Anjelica Hustonand also comprising Dean Tavoularis, Antonio Skarmeta, Claude Miller, LoneScherfig, Enrico Lo Verso and Veronica Forque, awarded Best Actor to 7Virgens' Juan Jose Ballesta.

Zhang Yang's Sunflower took Best Director and alsoBest Cinematography for Jong Lin, while Wolfgang Kohlhaase won Best Screenplayfor Summer In Berlin.

The 53rd San Sebastian Film Festival also saw thecoveted Euros 90,000 Altadis prize for new directors go to Gravehopping's(Odgrobadogroba) Jan Cvitkovic, from Slovenia, with a special mention toSpain's El Taxista Ful, directed by Jo Sol.

And the Euros 18,000 Horizontes award for Latin Americanfilm went to the Mexican documentary Toro Negro (Black Bull), directedby Carlos Armella and Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio. Executive produced by AlejandroGonzalez Inarritu, it tells the story of a small-scale bullfighter from thecountry's Mayan region - an alcoholic, abusive, yet somehow charming man.Special mention went to How The Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer and Monobloc.

The Euros 14,000 Montblanc award for new screenplays went toromantic drama Sa-Kwa from South Korea, which took the FIPRESCI prize atToronto; at San Sebastian, the critics opted to award Terry Gilliam's Tideland,a movie which did not meet with an overwhelming public reception at its screening.

The TCM audience award, with a prize of Euros 30,000 for theSpanish importer went to Bertrand Tavernier's Holy Lola, distributed inSpain by Vertigo Film.

Separately, the SIGNIS Catholic communication award went toSpain's Sud Express, by Chema de la Pena and Gabriel Velazquez.