UK multiplex operator Vue Entertainment is to join forces with financier and producer CinemaNX (NX), to release at least three movies directly into Vue cinemas and other theatres across the UK, from the end of this year.

NX will aim to provide Vue with three titles over the next year, starting with Richard Linklater’s Me and Orson Welles. Marketing of the titles will be handled jointly.

In a related move, Gemma Spector, currently head of marketing at UK distributor Revolver, has been appointed as head of distribution at NX.  Spector will oversee the combined marketing campaigns while working closely with Mark de Quervain, Vue’s Sales and Marketing Director.  

“This is a new and exciting venture for Vue, combining both distribution and exhibition. Our aim is to make it easier for locally produced movies to gain a theatrical release which in turn will inspire filmmakers in the UK to get recognition for their work,”commented Vue Entertainment’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Richards.

NX chairman, Steve Christian, added: “Joining forces with Vue Entertainment for at least 3 of our films with their
fantastic circuit and experienced management team is a hugely important move for us and is a clear statement about the possibilities that exist in terms of the future of film financing and distribution. Retaining control of our titles throughout the entire production, exhibition and distribution cycles will influence us greatly in our choice of material and investment profile.”