Spaniard Joan Fuster lives in New York and has an accident, after which he can then suddenly foresee events, including a mass murder and his wife having an affair. This surreal comedy mixes dream sequences and reality.

Prod Companies: Wanda Vision (Spain), Davien Littlefield (US), LM Media (Switzerland)

Backers: All of the above

Budget: N/A

Producers: Davien Littlefield, Stanley Buchthal, Jose Maria Morales, Miguel Morales

Int’l sales:  TBC

Director: Rafa Cortes

Screenplay: Rafa Cortes

Cast: TBC

Locations: Interior shots in Spain, exteriors in NY

Shooting from when until when: 2010 (exact dates TBC)

Contact: Yolanda Ferrer,, +34 91 351 72 83