Salvador Dali's mythical abandoned project for Walt Disney will beamong a series of 15 international shorts to screen at the 41st New York FilmFestival, which runs from Oct 3-19.

The surrealist Spanish painter never finished Destino, which finally comes to the screen afterit was completed by director Dominique Monfrey and a team of Paris-based Disneyanimators.

Other projects include Pascal Lahmani's story of French resistancefighters From Head To Toe, Annemarie Jacir's slice of cinema verite from the Israeli frontlines Like Twenty Impossibles, and UK director Jim Hoskings' Little Clumps Of Hair, about an evening drink that turns sour.

Also included are Esther Rots' Dutch entry I Sprout, which centres on a woman's troublingreturn to her roots, and Alicia Duffey's UK film The Most Beautiful Man InThe World, about abizarre encounter with a stranger.

All titles will screenbefore selected features and have been arranged by festival organisers the FilmSociety of Lincoln Centre.

In addition a restored version of E A Dupont's 1929 silent classicPiccadilly willpremiere on Oct 4 accompanied by the live performance of composer Neil Brand'snew score for a seven-piece ensemble.

The film starred thecelebrated Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong as a lowly dishwasher whobecomes the toast of London and the object of a nightclub owner's sexualobsession.

Piccadilly is also notable for being the screendebut of Charles Laughton. It was restored by the British Film Institute and isdistributed by Milestone Film and Video.