Fourteenfeatures from Denmark including five North American premieres have beenselected to spotlight the Scandinavian country in the upcoming 32nd SeattleInternational Film Festival (SIFF).

The titlesinclude Annette Olesen's 1:1, PernilleFischer's A Soap, Niels Arden Oplev's WeShall Overcome, Anders Thomas Jensen's Adam'sApples, Christoffer Boe's Allegro, and Dagur Kari's Dark Horse.

'AlthoughDanish cinema has always made a significant impact internationally, this yearin particular features an explosive vintage with a high concentration of thebest and most innovative work to be found anywhere in the world,' SIFFartistic director Carl Spence said.

SIFFis set to run from May 25 to Jun 18. For more information visit the

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