Danny Huston, newcomer Bojana Novakovic and Shawn Roberts have joined Mel Gibson and Robert De Niro in GK Films' thriller Edge Of Darkness, which is due to begin filming in Massachusetts later this month.

Based on the BBC mini-series of the same name, Edge Of Darkness will be directed by Martin Campbell and produced by Graham King and mini-series producer Michael Wearing.

William Monahan and Andrew Bovell adapted the screenplay from an original story by Troy Kennedy Martin. Gibson plays a Boston homicide detective whose 24-year-old daughter is slain on the steps of his home. Everyone believes the detective was the target, however as he investigates the killing he learns about his daughter's secret life.

Huston will play a shady businessman, Novakovic will play the daughter and Roberts portrays her boyfriend. De Niro is cast as a CIA operative who gets involved in the subterfuge.