The Dark Knight maintained its number one status overseas as the Warner Bros Pictures International release added $19m from 6,580 screens in 62 territories to raise the tally to $416.7m.

The superhero adaptation stayed top in its second weekend in Germany as $4.4m from 955 screens boosted the running score to $17.5m and also stayed top in France for the third straight weekend as $3.3m from 820 pushed the total to $21.3m.

The film has amassed $90.3m after five weekends in the UK, $41.1m after six in Australia, $25.1m after six in Mexico, $21.4m after four in South Korea, $20m after five in Brazil, $14.6m after five in Italy, $14.2m after three in Spain, $12.6m after four in Japan and $8.1m after three in Russia.

WBPI's Get Smart raised its total to $87.5m after a $2.7m haul from 1,289 screens in 41 territories. The spy spoof has taken $3.5m in the UK after a $1.4m second weekend on 453 prints.

Warner's Star Wars: The Clone Wars grossed $4.8m from approximately 4,266 screens in 35 markets for $22.5m. The animated adventure opened in France on $1.4m from 490 screens and generated $797,000 in Spain on 329. Clone Wars has grossed $4.7m in the UK, $2.6m in Mexico and $2.3m in Australia, all after three, and $2m in Japan after two.

Universal's worldwide smash Mamma Mia! stayed on song as an estimated weekend haul to the tune of $12.1m from 2,933 venues in 33 territories through UPI boosted it to sixth in this year's overseas pantheon on $258.3m.

As if overtaking Iron Man's $256 cumulative total weren't reward in itself, Universal top brass will be pleased to see that the worldwide tally is a week or so away from $400m and currently stands at $391.2m.

The musical scored notable number one launches in Poland on $1.4m from 78 and South Africa on $363,000 from 89. Results from the debuts in Colombia, Romania, Thailand and Vietnam are expected early this week.

Mamma Mia! benefited from a strong hold in the UK where it ranks second and consolidated its status as the highest earner of the year to date. The $2.8m weekend haul from 500 following a 20% drop pushed the UK tally to $106.4m.

Ranking third in Germany after seven weekends, the film added $1.2m from 582 after tumbling 42% for $30.4m and also ranks third in Spain on $1.4m from 375 for $13.8m after four and held at fifth in Australia on $716,000 from 283 for $27m after eight. There are 22 territories to open over the next two months. South Korea, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia open this week on September 4.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army added $7.4m from 1,500 in 17 territories for $40.7m, boosted by a $3m number one debut in Spain from 380 sites and a second place Australian launch that generated $1.5m from 205. The action fantasy sequel opened top in New Zealand on $270,00 from 50 and grossed a further $1.8m in the UK to rank fourth on $10.5m after two. There are 36 territories to go.

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor added $7.3m from 4,681 in 53 for $239.1m. Cyprus was the only new territory and was expected to produce a number one result. The film added $1.3m from 325 in its third weekend in Japan for second place and $16.6m and has amassed $14.8m for fourth place in Germany after four and $14.4m for sixth place in Mexico after five.

Wanted boosted its score by $4.2m from 1,522 in 35 to $138.7m, fired up by a $750,000 number one launch in Greece from 68 sites and a third place Argentinean debut that produced $232,000 from 44.

The action title opened top in India and held on to top spot in its second weekend in Brazil where $900,000 from 178 sites following a 34% drop raised the score to $2.8m after two weekends. There are 12 territories to go including Germany and Austria next weekend.

Death Race added $1m from 271 in seven territories for $2.4m. The action thriller opened at number one in Indonesia on $165,000 from 25 sites and launched at the top in Bulgaria and Ukraine this weekend.

Wild Child added $680,000 from 338 in the third weekend in the UK for $7.8m and overall the teen romance has amassed $9m from the UK, the Netherlands and the UAE.

The Strangers grossed $2.3m from 397 sites and opened in third place in the UK on $2m from 280. The horror title boosted its Australian tally by $203,000 from 117 for $1,6m and has amassed $3.7m from the two territories.

Sci-fi debutant Babylon AD, which Universal is releasing in Belgium, launched at the top on $375,000 from 33 sites.

DreamWorks-Paramount's Kung Fu Panda maintained its excellent run as $9.1m from 3,332 venues in 62 territories through PPI raised the tally to $385m. The animated hit launched at number one in Italy on $6.6m from 580.

The Ben Stiller comedy Tropic Thunder plundered a further $3.5m from 1,061 sites in 11 for $14.1m. Launches in Mexico and Brazil generated 680,000 from 210 and $187,000 from 48, respectively. Tropic Thunder held firm at the top in is second weekend in Australia despite a 40% drop as $1.6m from 219 raised the tally to $5.1m.

A mighty $7.9m number one Japanese debut on 450 screens was the individual territory highlight of the weekend overseas and helped Sony Pictures Releasing International's Hancock zip past $350m.

Overall the superhero saga grossed $8.9m from 1,445 screens in 44 markets for $353m. The film has amassed $29.4m after eight weeks in France, $26.6m after seven in Spain and $38.7m after nine in Germany.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan continued a strong showing in recent weeks as $7.7m from 2,330 screens in 36 markets raised the tally to $69.2m. The comedy opened in France on $755,000 from 178 screens, launched at number one in Taiwan and Venezuela on $660,000 from 80 and $390,000 from 50, respectively, and opened in second place in Switzerland on $270,000 from 52.

Zohan added $1.6m from 336 in Spain to rank second on $6.8m after two, $1.6m from 601 in Germany to rank second on $12.4m after three and $775,000 from 351 in the UK to rank eighth on $9.4m after three. Latest figures put the comedy in fourth place in Brazil on $2.5m after three, second in Austria on $2.4m after three and fifth in Belgium on $647,000 after two.

Step Brothers began its international roll-out with a $3m number one UK launch on 365 screens.

Wall-E added $7.7m from 3,472 screens in 36 markets through Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture International to raise the running total to $175m. The film scored the biggest animated launch for a Disney/Pixar release in Singapore where it opened in top spot on $890,000 from 80 screens and also opened top in Norway and Denmark on $690,000 from 75 and $495,000 from 85, respectively.

Wall-E added $1.8m following a 20% drop in France to rank second in its fifth weekend for $23.2m and has amassed $42.1m in the UK after seven weeks, $13.8m in Spain after four and $7.9m in South Korea after four.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian boosted its international running total by $1.1m to $273m and ranks as the fifth biggest overseas release of the year.

Fox International's kidnapping thriller Taken added $1.9m from 1.069 screens in four markets for $13.8m, while horror title Mirrors added $1.2m from 456 in 15 for $5.2m. Comedy Meet Dave stands at $29.9m and The X-Files: I Want To Believe stands at $40.7m.

The sci-fi action title Babylon AD opened day-and-date with North America and delivered $1.3m, $963,987 of which came from a fourth place debut in the UK on 311 screens.