Stephen Susco, who adapted the English languagescreenplay of J-horror hit The Grudge,is getting into business with Odd Lot Entertainment's fledgling genre bannerDark Lot Entertainment.

Odd Lot is producing Zero Dark Thirty, Susco's tale of a returning war veteran whosetranquil hometown is transformed by a series of bizarre events.

Media 8 will commence sales at Berlin this week onthe project, which will be produced by Odd Lot principals Gigi Pritzker andDeborah Del Prete, Susco and director John Stalberg Jr.David Greathouse,David Perlmutter and Steve Ecclesine will serve asexecutive producers on the project.

Stalberg's manager at Anonymous Content, MichaelSugar, put the deal together.

ZeroDark Thirty tells thestory of Andy, a young US Army soldier who returns after serving in theMideast.

"We are thrilled to be working with Stephenand John on this incredibly unique project," Del Prete said. "DarkLot is always looking for innovative horror projects and his script iscompelling, scary and timely in ways that we feel will really connect withaudiences."