Powered bynumber one bows in Brazil and Turkey, the romantic comedy 50 First Dates grossed $7.1m on 2,560 screens to raiseits international running total to $46.1m.

The picture,released through Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International (CTFDI),opened in Brazil on $705,000 on 169 screens and grossed $216,000 on 75 inTurkey.

Dates stayed top in its second week in Germanyas it fell 21% on $2m for $5.1m, added $1.1m on a mere 9% drop in its fourthweek in the UK for $11.6m and fell 8% on $900,000 in its second in Spain for$2.2m.

The thriller SecretWindow elevated itstotal by $5.8m to $23.6m, opening second in Germany on $1.3m on 447 and thirdin the UK on $1.4m on 370.

A number one $1.2m bow on187 in Australia was the highlight of Gothika's weekend business as it added $2m for an impressive$75.7m running total.