Periscopepresident J Alan Davis, Passport Entertainment president David R Ginsburg andwriter-producer Peter Morris have been elected to the board of BAFTA/LA.

Theboard has re-elected Gary Dartnall as chairman, Antony Root as deputy chair,Rebecca Segal as secretary and Pamela Godfrey as treasurer.

"It'sbeen gratifying for all of us to watch BAFTA/LA become one of this town's mostdistinguished representatives of the British film and television industry,"Donald Haber, who continues as executive director, said in a statement.

"Weare most pleased, as well, to be able to bring together the British and Los Angelesfilm and TV communities."

Davis'Periscope is an independent international media production, finance andconsulting company working in film, video, television and music. Davis hasacted as a producer's rep and previously served as head of business affairs forWarner Bros International Television Production.

Ginsburgis an independent producer and former president of Artisan Pictures. He previouslyserved as president of the Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Group and in theworld of television served as president of Citadel Entertainment.

Morris served as a TV-AMnews reporter and showbusiness editor at two UK network television shows beforeheading to Los Angeles, where he has written, presented and produced forseveral television and radio companies.