Strike Entertainment/Universal'sDawn Of The Dead remake isapproaching $20m at the international box office after adding $388,000 from 293screens in 11 territories through UIP at the weekend.

The $19.5m internationalrunning total rises to $36m for all distributors. Dawn Of The Dead has seven more UIP markets to open, starting withBelgium on Jun 30.

UIP opened Je-gyu Kang's TheBrotherhood (Taegukgi) in Japan, the only market where it has rights tothe action drama, on a solid $1.6m from 286 screens. It opened third in Tokyoand key cities.

Van Helsing added $335,000 from 641 screens in 20 UIP territoriesfor a $133.5m UIP total, rising to $142.8m through all distributors. VanHelsing has six more UIP markets togo.

Other latest cumulativescores announced by UIP put The Cat In The Hat on $32.4m, Honey on $25.9m, Connie And Carla on $698,044 and The Chronicles Of Riddick, which is in the embryonic stage of itsinternational roll-out, on $694,559 ($925,000 through all distributors).