FoxInternationalC;s The Day After Tomorrow elevated its international running total to an estimated$274.7m weekend, after adding $19.7m from 7,731 screens.

Third weekendhighlights were $3.7m from 590 in Japan, where the picture stayed top in itsthird consecutive week and fell 28% for a $27.3m running total. In Korea itadded $1.4m from 245 and fell 40% for second place and $11m.

Fourth weekendhighlights were $2.8m from 461 screens in the UK, dropping 15% for second placeand a $38m running total, and $1.7m from 887 in Germany despite a 51% drop for$25.5m and second place.

The picture added $1.2m from450 screens in Spain, where it dropped 21% for second place and $13.7m.