DreamWorks head ofproduction Michael De Luca is set to vacate his post in June and will bereplaced by the studio's longtime production executive Adam Goodman.

"Michael has been anextremely positive force at DreamWorks," company co-head Walter F Parkes saidin a statement.

"He is an extraordinarycreative executive and a wonderful collaborator and we appreciate thecontributions he has made to the studio during the past two and a half years."

Parkes and fellow co-headLaurie MacDonald will now assume a greater hands-on role in daily operations.

Goodman has been with thestudio since 1996 and will report directly to Parkes and MacDonald.

He is currently working on TheTerminal, studio principal StevenSpielberg's drama starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones, the comedy Anchorman starring Will Ferrell, and Surviving Christmas, which stars Ben Affleck and Christina Applegate.

MacDonald added: "Steven,Jeffrey [Katzenberg], Walter and I have worked closely with Adam Goodman foreight years and we believe he is more than ready to take this next step atDreamWorks.

"He has a great eye formaterial as well as talent and he has our complete confidence as we look aheadto the start of our second decade at DreamWorks."

MacDonald also praised seniorproduction executives Marc Haimes and Mark Sourian, who will continue to workwith Goodman, Parkes and MacDonald on the slate.